Customized Acrylic Tissue Holder For Your Hotel

To meet your hotel’s need, we enthusiastically recommend our acrylic tissue box, which not only offers waterproof and moisture-resistant features but also exudes exquisite design. Regardless of your hotel’s style, we can provide a large collection of colors and textures to complement the theme of each department.
The application of acrylic tissue boxes is highly versatile and suitable for various areas in your hotel, including guest rooms, bathrooms, spas, restaurants, lobbies, meeting rooms, banquet halls, bars, barbecue areas, and dance floors. By opting for high-quality acrylic tissue boxes, we ensure that your hotel’s interior decoration exudes elegance and luxury, with meticulous attention to detail that adds a touch of sophistication.
To reach to the diverse requirements of different departments, we offer customization options for tissue boxes in various color themes, creating a cohesive yet diverse style throughout your hotel. We understand your emphasis on quality, so we are pleased to provide complimentary acrylic samples for you to conduct quality inspections.