Wholesale Acrylic Tray

Acrylic trays are exquisite products made entirely of high-quality acrylic materials, with excellent transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance, and can be widely used in various occasions. They have many advantages, such as easy dyeing and processing, have a beautiful appearance that makes people love them. These custom acrylic serving trays are made by experienced craftsmen using handmade production techniques, and each product is unique. Therefore, a high-level factory and skilled craftsmen are essential. In the production process, adhesive technology is crucial, requiring high-quality glue and precision molds to ensure the stability and bonding quality of the product. Exquisite acrylic trays be created through patient, meticulous, and skilled operations that can these wholesale acrylic trays can not only be customized in shape and size according to customer requirements but also can be printed with different colors of logos on the surface to meet different customer needs. In short, acrylic tray organizerare high-quality products that provide beautiful, practical, and durable solutions for various occasions through high-level handmade production and high-quality materials.

Style of Acrylic Tray

This acrylic display tray is a piece of art and is made of high-quality, pure white acrylic material. Its convenient cutout handle design highlights its simple and elegant aesthetic. The white rectangular acrylic tray is composed of four acrylic sheets that have been finely bonded together, ensuring its sturdy and stable structure. Its dimensions are 40030050mm, and the elliptical handle design on both sides is attractive and comfortable, making it easy to carry.
This acrylic organizer tray is versatile and practical, suitable for various occasions. A store can display and store goods, jewelry, and snacks, making your products stand out. At home, it can be used as a fashionable small item storage box, storing various small items and displaying perfumes, cosmetics, or other items. In the kitchen, it can be used as an elegant snack tray, making it easy to grab small snacks and drinks.

This acrylic serving tray is easy to maintain and clean and waterproof to avoid slipping. It is practical, attractive, and made with high-quality craftsmanship, strong durability, and stability, making it an ideal choice for stores and homes. Whether for showcasing items or as a daily storage box for small items, this acrylic tray is a beautiful and practical boutique worth collecting.

This rectangular clear acrylic tray with metal handles is a unique and eye-catching design. The transparent acrylic material exudes a modern and noble atmosphere, and the delicate metal handles add an elegant touch to the overall style. As the processing difficulty of transparent acrylic is relatively high, this tray is glued together with adhesive, which means that if the adhesive is not well controlled, it is very easy to see. Therefore, producing high-quality transparent acrylic trays is more precious, and not necessarily the cheapest option. The size of this tray is 500mm x 300mm x 60mm, which is both practical and moderate. Whether used in a store to display goods, jewelry, snacks, etc., or for home decoration, storing items, displaying perfumes, etc., it is a good choice. In summary, this acrylic storage tray has a beautiful design and reliable quality, making it a must-have item.

When you are looking for a sturdy and durable desk tray, this black acrylic tray is the perfect choice. Compared to the normal thickness of 5mm for acrylic trays, this acrylic table tray features an 8mm thickened design that is even more sturdy and durable. The acrylic tray is decorated with gold handles in different styles. This acrylic bed tray is suitable for daily household use in hotel rooms and other occasions to display snacks, breakfast, and other items, providing guests with comfortable and convenient service. It is worth mentioning that this black tray is easy to match with various environments, not easy to get dirty, and has excellent practicality and aesthetics. we attach great importance to the quality and safety of our products. Our process for attaching the handles is very strict, ensuring they will not fall off. Therefore, you can use this black acrylic tray with peace of mind, and it will become a delicate and exquisite item in your home life.

square acryic tray

This square acrylic tray is made of transparent acrylic material with a simple and generous design. Two elliptical holes are specially designed on both sides for easy carrying and placement. Whether used as a desktop decoration or placed on a bathroom or coffee table, it can bring you a different sense of beauty and practicality. The transparent appearance of this tray not only shows an elegant sense of quality and perfectly matches various decorative styles.

round acrylic tray

This exquisite round transparent tray is made of high-quality transparent acrylic material with a diameter of 30 centimeters and is equipped with two comfortable handles for easy carrying. We have finely polished its surface to make it very smooth, so you don’t have to worry about hand injuries. Unlike other trays, this acrylic catchall tray uses a fine lathe manufacturing process to create a delicate circular appearance, making you feel happy when using it. Whether showcasing food on the dining table or using it for home storage, this tray will become a handy helper in your daily life.

custom acrylic serving tray

This custom acrylic tray outside made of beige acrylic board and a coffee-colored interior print, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere that catches the eye. We offer a variety of patterns to meet different customer needs. In addition to regular acrylic trays, we also offer a design with drawers for easy placement of hotel amenities products and other display items, suitable for placing on bathroom vanities. It can also be used to display perfumes, flowers, aromatherapy, candles, lotion bottles, sponges, cotton swab jars, and other items. The main purpose of this acrylic serving tray is storage and display, providing your guests with a comfortable and convenient user experience.

clear acrylic compartment tray

This acrylic divided tray is a square tray with multiple transparent acrylic panels. The acrylic compartment tray has many compartments designed inside, making it easy to store different items such as tea, coffee, milk, sugar, etc., and making the entire display more clear and organized. Such a acrylic serving tray is the perfect choice for displaying products or hosting parties. If you want a black acrylic tea tray, we can provide this color and more color options. We can customize style and color according to your requirements to make your display more outstanding.

Problems When We Purchase

1: Acrylic Tray cracking: We understand that tray cracking during transportation is not desirable. Therefore, we use multiple packaging measures to ensure the integrity of our acrylic trays. We add foam isolation layers between each acrylic tray and use high-strength seven-layer reinforced cardboard boxes for packaging. Finally, we also added a layer of wooden frame to further protect the acrylic trays to ensure that the trays are not damaged during transportation.

2: Weight-bearing capacity: Sometimes, we may find that the acrylic tray breaks in the middle when using it, which is due to the excessive weight placed on the tray. To solve this problem, we can take two solutions. First, we can increase the thickness of the acrylic serving tray, which can naturally increase its weight-bearing capacity. In addition, we can also avoid placing too many items to prevent overloading the tray’s weight-bearing capacity.

3: Acrylic Tray breakage: Due to the fragility of acrylic material, we do not recommend frequent movement of acrylic trays to avoid collisions or drops during transportation, leading to tray breakage. We suggest placing the tray in a fixed location during use to ensure its long-term durability. Additionally, we use high-quality acrylic materials that undergo strict processing and quality inspections to ensure the quality and durability of our products.