We use wood, mother of pearl, resin, ceramic, and acrylic to produce hotel bathroom tissue boxes. Because of these material has waterproof and corrosion resistance feature. There are round shape, rectangular shape, square shape, we will do customization according to your requirement. There are marble effect, wooden effect, jade effect, white, pure black, transparant bathroom tissue box, any color is available. We use first-class and environmental protection raw materials, excellent workmanship, new popular design, and OEM & ODM service. We are genuine manufacturer  producing bathroom tissue boxes.

This high-end bathroom tissue box gives your home, or hotel bathroom a taste of luxury, elegant and charm . Match your traditional and contemporary hotel or home decor. In a variety of styles, colors and materials bathroom tissue boxes.

We mainly produce custom design polyresin bathroom accessories sets manufacturer with 17 years, we have rich experience how to control cost and quality, and we also have stronger design team to develop bathroom accessories sets to complete bathroom decor. It include below products: