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35 Bathroom Tray Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Choosing the right bath tray from so many designs can be a tough decision. The following article will showcase 33 unique bathroom tray ideas, vividly illustrating how they look in various bathroom styles.

Light Wooden Tray

rectangle wood tray

On a wooden rectangular tray, there’s a gray towel, soap, a blue soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a wooden toothbrush, and a small pot of flowers, creating a beautiful scene. 

The wooden tray matches the material and color of the vanity cabinet, and with the addition of a golden mirror, the entire bathroom exudes a natural wood vibe. This arrangement makes the space feel cozy, as if immersed in the tranquility of nature.

Solid Wood Round Tray

Solid Round Wooden Tray

If you’re into a natural vibe and your bathroom is mostly white, go for a solid wood bathroom storage tray. 

It’s eco-friendly, free of harmful substances like formaldehyde, and shows off the beautiful natural wood patterns. What’s cool about this circular wood tray is the extra bit at the back, letting you store things a bit higher without worrying about them falling. 

The front is lower for easy grabbing. This bathroom wooden tray is great for families with lots of members. You can put a couple of towels in the back and arrange small items with a bunch of daisies in the front, giving the whole wooden tray a lively feel.

Rectangle Wooden Tray with Silver Handle

wooden tray with metal handle

During the winter, bathrooms can feel quite cold, so many people prefer a warm and cozy style. Wooden trays not only showcase a natural, rustic look but also represent warm color tones.

This solid wood tray complements the light gray vanity cabinet perfectly. The silver edges of the tray match the color of the faucet.

On top, you can place some black and white jars along with a potted green plant, making the bathroom look tidy and fresh.

Rectangle Wooden Tray With Black Handles

wooden tray with black handle

The bathtub tray is made of wood, and it comes with a matching wooden tray on top that’s perfect for placing small items like a white bath salt bottle. 

What makes this bathroom accessories tray stand out is its clever design – each edge has a smooth curve that’s really pleasing to the eye. The handles on the other two sides are also curved, featuring a sleek black metal handle that fits comfortably in your hand when carrying the bathroom tray organizer. 

This thoughtful design adds a touch of humanity to the whole experience. Plus, the black handles bring a pop of contrast to the wooden tray’s color, making it more visually interesting.

Wooden Tray With Cutout Handles

Wooden tray with cutout handles

This wooden tray stands out with its unique cutout handles, which are positioned on the longer sides and face the user directly. It’s crafted from high-quality white wax wood, using eco-friendly glue and fasteners to ensure a secure assembly. 

The exterior is coated with three layers of varnish, providing strong waterproof functionality while showcasing the natural beauty of the wood grain. The tray’s wood pattern and color tone match those of the tissue box, lotion bottle, and mirror.

Flat Bathroom Wooden Tray

Flat Bathroom Wooden Tray

This bathroom tray is uniquely simple – just a piece of wood with rounded edges and a clear varnish finish. On top, you’ll find a seashell lotion bottle, a toothbrush holder, a soap dish, and a wooden toothbrush.

The soft yellow tones of the seashells coordinate well with the wood, giving everything a smooth and warm feel. The design and color scheme are consistent, creating a high-end, luxurious look. Whether it’s in a hotel or at home, it fits perfectly anywhere.

Dark Wooden Tray

dark wooden tray

On the dark wooden tray, there’s a round, pale yellow soap, a transparent perfume bottle, a white towel, and some other clean, white toiletries.

The strong color contrasts between these items stand out, enhancing the unique beauty of each item on the tray.

Wooden Tray with Gap

wooden tray with gap

Different wooden trays evoke different feelings. You can also try this type of wooden tray. When there’s water on the tray, it flows down through the middle gap. You can place wet towels on top, paired with a soap dish of the same design.

Round Marble Tray

round marble tray

In a bathroom with a marble theme and rounded vanity sink, consider using a round marble tray. It has smooth lines and a sleek feel, seamlessly blending into the bathroom’s overall style. 

Place a gray tumbler, a white toothbrush holder, and a light yellow soap dispenser on it for a refreshing look. This tray not only adds a touch of luxury to the bathroom but also brings in a sense of smooth elegance and sophistication.

Light Blue Marble Tray

Light Blue Marble Tray

Light blue is a popular choice for bathroom decor, be it in hotels or homes. It brings a gentle coolness and warmth, creating an artistic ambiance. Imagine complementing it with a square tray in light blue marble. 

Arrange some towels in slightly deeper shades and white, add a light gray toothbrush, and a white toothpaste inside. This combination creates a tranquil and soothing atmosphere.

Bathroom Vanity Tray

bathroom vanity tray

As the tray sits closely against the vanity, its lifespan might be limited due to the dampness in the vanity area. 

That’s why we’ve designed a bathroom vanity tray with feet. This helps to prevent moisture from affecting the products displayed on top.

Hexagonal Marble Bathroom Tray

Hexagonal Marble Bathroom Tray

This marble tray seamlessly blends with the marble surface of the countertop. Its unique polygonal shape provides a distinct visual experience, setting it apart from traditional square, rectangular, or circular trays. 

On top of the bathroom storage tray, display a vase, plants, hand soap, perfume, and facial cleanser, giving them a luxurious and sophisticated touch. Placing this marble tray on the marble vanity is a great way to add a classy accent.

White Marble Tray With Brass Handle

white marble tray with brass handle

In both homes and hotels, a popular and stylish choice is the marble theme. It brings a sense of cleanliness, brightness, and modernity. Among the various marble trays available, one stands out with a uniquely appealing design. 

It features eye-catching gold handles on each side, adding a touch of glamour and breaking away from the ordinary. 

The handles are designed for easy gripping, making it a breeze to move the bathroom accessories tray around. The gold handles complement the tray’s golden-bordered mirror seamlessly.

This versatile bathroom tray organizer provides ample space for items like incense, a jar of bath salts, and a small vase of flowers, infusing the bathroom with a delightful and romantic floral aroma.

Its design is especially suited to the tastes of younger individuals, bringing a touch of sophistication to the space.

Pink Marble Tray

Pink Marble Tray

The dream of pink is a favorite for many girls and women. It can make our hearts warm and keep our mood cheerful. Pink is a beloved color for every woman at some point. Of course, a set of pink marble-patterned trays is a must. 

The clever design combines the recent trend of marble patterns with the charm of pink. Paired with pink lotion, facial cleanser, it perfectly embodies a girlish vibe. It gives off a calm and peaceful feeling.

White Resin Tray

white resin tray

If you’re looking for a special-shaped bathroom tray, we suggest this unique white one. It’s rectangular with curved sides on both ends, allowing you to store many cosmetics while giving it a distinctive look.

This white tray is made of eco-friendly resin, which is safe for the body. The one-piece design without any joints gives it a high-end appearance. All the edges are rounded, ensuring a gentle touch without any sharpness.

Round Corian Tray

Round Corian Tray

This round Corian tray is really stylish. It looks nice, made of strong material, easy to clean, not prone to breakage, and very durable with a long lifespan. 

On top of it, you can place face wash, facial products, a facial roller, and cotton pads, giving your entire bathroom a distinct touch.

If your floor has a similar pattern to Corian, pairing it with this kind of tray creates a Corian-style atmosphere throughout the bathroom. This combination makes the space unique, forming a harmonious overall feel.

Hexagonal Stone Texture Tray

Hexagonal Stone Texture Tray

This bathroom accessories tray stands out for two reasons: firstly, its hexagonal shape, and secondly, the stone texture. The hexagon shape is unique and creative, different from other shapes. 

The stone texture is smooth, resistant to dirt, easy to clean, and very durable. The entire hexagonal stone texture tray can complement various bathroom styles, adding diversity to the bathroom.

Simple Small Resin Tray With Stone 

Simple Small Resin Tray With Stone

Gray tiles add an elegant touch to the white vanity. On top, there are two small oval resin trays adorned with tiny stones, giving them an attractive design that seems to hold a unique story.

One tray holds a white toothbrush and a matching stone-patterned resin tumbler, while the other features a deep black lotion bottle and a similarly colored scented diffuser. 

Paired with a black faucet and an oval mirror with a light yellow frame above, this arrangement makes the small vanity space feel warm and serene.

White Towel Tray

whitel towel tray

This white towel tray is made of eco-friendly resin, molded without any seams. The whole oom tray has a smooth and rounded shape, making it gentle to touch.

On top, there’s a light blue towel, a light yellow soap, a blue candle, a transparent glass bottle, and a small bottle of clear perfume. All these items give the towel tray a vibrant and fresh feel, creating a romantic atmosphere. 

Having such a beautifully crafted white towel tray, especially with these items, can be a great stress-relief tool when feeling overwhelmed or extremely tired.

Black Round Tray

black round tray

This black tray isn’t just plain black; it has some sparkling white dots inside, resembling stars in the night sky.

This unique feature makes the bathroom accessory tray stand out. The round black tray is circular, and the items placed inside also have rounded shapes, maintaining a cohesive look.

It creates a harmonious and stylish feeling. On the tray, you’ll find a white tumbler, a black toothbrush holder, and a round transparent lotion dispenser. 

Placing this bathroom round tray on a marble countertop creates a strong visual contrast.

Rectangle White Resin Tray with Cutout Handles

Rectangle White Resin Tray with Cutout Handles

The whole bathroom has a charming wooden style, and adding a pure white tray enhances its overall attractiveness. The resin tray stands out with a clever design, as the handle part is raised above the other edges, creating a nice sense of depth.

Jade Mountain Watercolor Jewelry Tray

Jade Mountain Watercolor Jewelry Tray

Placing the Jade Mountain Watercolor Tray on the white vanity makes it stand out and catch the eye. Inside, showcasing some jewelry adds a touch of luxury and beauty.

The round tray doesn’t take up much space, resembling transparent jade with a picturesque mountain and water scene, making it look like a high-end piece of art.

Adding white candles, clear crystals, and a transparent lotion bottle on the vanity creates a crystal-like world. It feels like stepping into a dreamy and elegant crystal realm.

Rectangular Green Jade Tray

green resin tray

This bathroom tray is made of high-quality resin, treated to shine like jade. Paired with white lotion bottles and placed on a snowy white countertop, it creates a beautiful color contrast。

Bringing a fresh touch of green to the entire bathroom. It satisfies people’s desire for the beauty of jade.

Round Brass Tray

Roud Brass Tray

Placing scented candles and a potted plant on a brass tray creates a beautiful picture. This arrangement makes people feel very relaxed and stress-free. 

One of the benefits of the brass tray is its excellent fire resistance, so there’s no need to worry about the flames from scented candles. The smooth surface and irregular bottom design make it lightweight and easy to carry. 

Paired with the brass edges of another cotton swab box, it adds a warm touch to the cool-toned bathroom, like a bit of sunshine.

Bathroom Accessories Tray With Black Iron Mesh edge

Bathroom Accessories Tray With Black Iron Mesh edge

Made with a solid wood base and featuring a black iron mesh edge, this tray embraces a rustic style that suits modern, farmhouse, and vintage decor. 

The handles on both sides make it easy to move the tray around. On top, you can place items like a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and bottles with a similar style.

Brown Metal Wire Tray

Brown Metal Wire Tray

A deep brown metal tray with intersecting lines welded into elegant triangles, creating a beautiful play of lines and shapes. 

The bottom center features a mirror, adding a sense of expansion to the space. If you appreciate a vintage style tray, this one is a perfect choice, exuding a nostalgic charm that is both unique and timeless.

Golden Towel Tray with Base

Golden Towel Tray with Base

If you’re looking for a towel tray that keeps your towels dry, adds a touch of sophistication and fashion, doesn’t take up much space, is compact and cute, has a unique shape.

And can also decorate the entire vanity, then this golden towel tray is just perfect. Take a look at the decorative image above – doesn’t it look great?

Oval Black Bathroom Storage Tray

Oval Black Bathroom Storage Tray

A black tray is always a timeless and stylish choice; it perfectly showcases the items placed on it and is easy to clean. Paired with white, they complement each other, creating a harmonious blend. 

The oval shape of the tray not only accommodates many items but also showcases a thoughtfully designed aesthetic.

Round Silver Bathroom Tray for Toiletries

Oval Black Bathroom Storage Tray

Placing a silver round bathroom tray in a marble-themed bathroom makes it look exceptionally bright and shiny, creating a sense of spaciousness.

On top of it, you can find perfume and toiletries, giving these products a fresh and inviting feel.

Woven Tray

woven tray

In the bathroom, there’s a light yellow woven tray that matches the color of the frame on the wall. 

A transparent vase holds a bunch of light yellow flowers, complementing the white walls and marble vanity, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the bathroom.

Ratten Tray

Ratten Tray

Sometimes, it’s worth trying a rattan tray. Just make sure to keep the vanity surface dry, or it might shorten the lifespan of the rattan tray.

Mirrored Makeup Tray

Mirrored Makeup Tray

In the center at the bottom is a mirror with pretty patterns framing its edges. Inside, there’s a gray candle with a gold border, a patterned bowl, a transparent perfume bottle with a gold lid, and a jewelry piece shaped like a leaf. 

When the lights are on, the mirror reflects light, making the jewelry, transparent items, and gold elements sparkle beautifully like crystals—creating an elegant and high-end look.

Antique Brass Curved Tray

Antique Brass Curved Tray

A gold tray paired with a gold faucet adds some lively gold elements to this predominantly white-themed bathroom, breaking the monotony. 

Placing a green plant on the countertop further prevents the small bathroom space from feeling dull.

Wooden Bathtub Tray

Wooden Bathtub Tray

When you’re taking a bath, it might feel a bit boring. Imagine if you could enjoy a nice cup of tea during that time – it would be so cozy! So, when picking a wooden tray for your bathtub, make sure it matches your interests and the style of your bathroom.

Picture this: a wooden tray on your bathtub with a cup of fragrant tea, a flickering candle, a subtle scent from an aroma bottle, and a small plant representing abundance. It’s like creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere, turning your bath into a comforting experience, just like a soothing melody.

Simple Wooden Bathtub Tray

Simple Wooden Bathtub Tray

If you prefer a straightforward bathroom tray, you can consider the simple style mentioned above. The wooden tray is heavy enough, so nothing you put on it will tip over. Sometimes, a simple design is just more enduring.


As a manufacturer specializing in hotel bathroom trays for 18 years, coming up with a great bathroom tray idea isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider. 

If the above article hasn’t sparked a fantastic idea for you, feel free to reach out to our design experts. We are here to assist you.

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