Hotels meticulously select a variety of luggage racks to complement their design. Whether it’s the color, style, weight-bearing capacity, or material choice, we pay great attention to detail. We prefer using high-quality and sophisticated materials like solid wood or metal to craft our luggage racks. Our designs come in various sizes to accommodate different room dimensions.

hotel luggage rack

Wood Luggage Rack

We provide our guests with an immensely appreciated amenity: a thoughtful and exquisitely designed luggage storage area. This space not only facilitates effortless placement of luggage and bags but also enables guests to retrieve their belongings with ease, eliminating the inconvenience of searching on the floor. Such attention to detail not only maintains the cleanliness of the floor and carpet but also conveys our profound respect for our guests.
The dimensions of this luggage rack are perfectly suited at 600420480 millimeters, making it an ideal fit for most standard suitcases without occupying excessive room in the guest’s quarters. Crafted from carefully selected solid hardwood, it guarantees durability and exceptional weight-bearing capacity, effortlessly accommodating various loads. The additional wooden strips on the bottom ingeniously enhance its load-bearing capability, allowing the rack to withstand even heavier items. With a rich mahogany finish, it exudes a sense of elegance, sophistication, and timeless charm. The four sturdy black polypropylene straps adorning the top can withstand any suitcase size without ever breaking. Furthermore, the uniquely shaped legs add a touch of diversity, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal.