Hotel Trash Can

Our factory has been specializing in producing hotel room and bathroom amenities for 18 years. It includes hotel trash cans made from leather, resin, acrylic, wood, and mother of pearl; all handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. We employ skilled workers who take great care in every step of the process to create products that have a luxurious look and feel. We have strict quality control measures to ensure that each step is the highest standards before moving on to the next. Our products are ideal for high-end hotels and hotel procurement professionals with high quality, design, and color standards.

What is hotel Bin?

Hotel room trash cans with a design style have become a beautiful scenery in hotel rooms, providing both convenience and aesthetic value for guests, while also enhancing the image of the hotel. Room trash cans are one of the items in hotel supplies, and there are many types available. In terms of function, they can be divided into environmentally friendly trash cans, double-layer trash cans, sorting trash cans, smart trash cans, sensor trash cans, regular trash cans, and flame-retardant trash cans. In terms of shape, they can be rectangular, circular, or creative. In terms of material, they can be made of wood, plastic, multiple materials, metal, stainless steel, leather, or a combination of leather and metal. In terms of design style, they can be categorized as fashionable and simple trash cans, new Chinese-style trash cans, or characteristic trash cans. The combination of different functional versions, design styles, materials, and colors can create more possibilities for customizing hotel room trash cans, highlighting the necessity of customizing hotel room amenities. Designing an appropriate hotel room trash can can showcase the hotel’s quality and style in the details, and combining it with a set of hotel supplies can bring a unique taste to the room.