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How to Choose Perfect Bathroom Accessories For Your 5-Star Hotel

When building or renovating your hotel bathroom, choosing the right bathroom accessories is crucial. It not only highlights the decor style but also helps balance the budget.

This article provides various suggestions to assist you in finding the perfect solutions.

Bathroom Budget

In the procurement process, the budget is an essential part. Here, we’ll discuss three aspects to consider in your budget, helping you decide on appropriate spending.

Hotel Positioning

The hotel’s positioning refers to its place in the market, and its target guests determine the level of service and facilities.

For budget hotels, it’s about offering simple but practical bathroom amenities.

In the case of a luxury five-star hotel, the focus shifts to providing top-notch, high-end bathroom amenities to meet the expectations for quality.

Brand vs Non-Brand

Product quality doesn’t always depend on the brand, but choosing branded items can mean better service and a longer warranty. 

For things like toilets, vanity bases, showerheads, tiles, and curtains that don’t get replaced often and are more expensive, it’s recommended to go with branded options. 

For smaller accessories like tissue boxes, hotel amenity trays, trash bins, and soap dishes, we can opt for non-branded items.

Choose High-Quality Accessories

Choosing high-quality bathroom accessories saves costs in the long run. They are durable, won’t fade, and reduce replacement expenses. 

Additionally, they elevate the bathroom’s overall feel, enhancing the guest’s experience in those moments.

Bathroom Layout

When choosing bathroom accessories, it’s important to consider the bathroom layout and size. The ultimate goal is to make the entire bathroom look organized, beautiful, and upscale, creating a sense of spaciousness.

Think about Interior Design

The design of the bathroom should match the theme and color scheme of the guest room. 

Whether you choose fixed or movable bathroom accessories, make sure they coordinate with the overall design to create a harmonious and unified atmosphere

Existing Style 

If you’re adding small bathroom accessories like a tissue box, soap dish, amenities tray, and a trash bin, consider their style in relation to your existing bathroom and other accessories. 

Ensure they coordinate well to create a harmonious and elegant or serene atmosphere in your bathroom.

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories For Your 5 Star hotel

Similar Finishing

Many people choose bathroom accessories in colors that match the overall theme, while others prefer them to contrast with each other. 

For instance, if your bathroom is primarily white, you might opt for gray, black, or other colored accessories. This choice can also be guided by the designer’s vision.

Wall and Floor Finishing

Tiles and flooring come in various patterns, colors, and sizes. You can choose materials that fit your budget or go for a preferred brand. These materials play a key role in showcasing your bathroom’s texture, giving guests a luxurious feel. Opting for high-quality materials also improves the durability and waterproofing of the floor and walls.


In fact, the bathroom space in every hotel is not very large. To ensure guests can enjoy more hotel amenities, we use multi-functional bathroom accessories. For example, there’s a hotel amenities box that can hold hotel toiletries, towels, cups, and other items.

Age Appropriate Accessories

Safety is the top priority, especially for seniors and children. When buying bathroom sets, it’s important to keep this in mind.

For example, adding grab bars, adjustable shower heads, and slip-resistant bath mats. Choose accessories with rounded edges instead of sharp corners to avoid any injuries to children and the elderly.

Prioritize Hygiene

When guests check into a hotel, cleanliness is a top concern for them. So, when purchasing hotel bathroom accessories, it’s important to make sure they are easy to clean.

Choose Sustainable Items

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. When choosing bathroom accessories, try to opt for materials that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

Consider Customization

In general, everything in hotel bathrooms is customized. Each hotel has its own style, layout, and different space sizes. Below, I’ll detail four aspects to consider when customizing.

hotel bathroom supplies


To leave a lasting impression on our guests and showcase the hotel’s strength, we recommend imprinting the hotel’s logo on bathroom accessories.


We customize different materials for various products to ensure they best suit your bathroom style. The choice of materials depends on the number of bathrooms and your budget requirements.


Everyone appreciates beautiful things, so in your design choices, aim for a fashionable, high-end, elegant, and simple style. 

Since it’s a customized style, we recommend seeking a professional manufacturer for bathroom accessories. They can provide you with their latest catalog, giving you more options to choose from.


The bathroom space is limited, and to maximize its use, we customize the dimensions of each accessory for a better fit. This ensures a more coordinated arrangement of the accessories.


When choosing fixed and high-value products, it’s advisable to opt for reputable manufacturers or well-known brands. 

This ensures that in case of any issues, they can promptly provide replacement services, offering you added assurance. 

This applies to various bathroom essentials such as lighting, exhaust fans, shelves, and even the bathtub.

Build an Accessories Set shopping List

First, identify the essential elements for your bathroom. Consider aspects such as budget, bathroom layout, interior design, functionality, safety, cleanliness, and customization comprehensively.

Next, communicate extensively with the designer and introduce some unique bathroom accessories. 

This will make the entire space more refined without appearing overly cluttered, while also capturing the attention of guests.

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The Best Materials for Your Bathroom

When choosing materials for your bathroom accessories, it’s best to pick the ones that are suitable.

 These materials should have features like water resistance, rust prevention, long lifespan, durability, and resistance to moisture and humidity. This ensures they meet the expected outcome of your decoration


Plastic bathroom accessories may not look fancy, but they’re affordable and durable, making them better suited for homes rather than hotels.


Glass material looks nice, but it has a drawback – it’s easy to break. Hotel guests might move bathroom products, so glass isn’t the best choice for hotel bathrooms.


Ceramic material is affordable and customizable. The only drawback is that the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement is often too high, making it less suitable for hotels with smaller quantities. It’s better suited for bulk customization in homes.


Brass is expensive, durable, and high-end. If your bathroom has a traditional style, you can use brass materials for accessories like towel rails, robe hooks, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, and towel rings.


Stainless steel bathroom accessories are perfect for a modern bathroom theme. They are corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and have a long lifespan.

Chrome-plated steel

Chrome-plated steel has a silver surface, similar to stainless steel. However, it’s prone to corrosion in water damage, heat elements, or hot and cold conditions.

 If you’re on a budget and want to maintain a stainless steel look, you can opt for chrome-plated steel as an alternative. Just keep in mind that its lifespan is not as long as stainless steel bathroom sets.


Wooden material is very durable. When coated with paint, it becomes waterproof and has a long lifespan. 

With rich colors and patterns, many high-end hotels use wooden bathroom accessories.


Acrylic material is a top choice for many hotels. It has a smooth surface, bright colors, and customizable patterns and colors.

Most importantly, it requires a very low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

acrylic bathroom sets


Polyresin material is great for making bathroom accessories because it can be molded into different shapes, ensuring accurate sizes and realistic appearances. It’s a good choice, and the price is reasonable too.

Mother of pearl

There’s a faux version of Mother of Pearl made from plastic, and it’s affordable. However, it tends to yellow quickly and lacks shine.

The real Mother of Pearl has a brilliant shine and a luxurious look, but it’s quite expensive. It’s best suited for very luxury hotels.

Marble or Stone

In hotels, marble and stone are commonly used for making soap dispensers, soap dishes, amenity trays, tissue boxes, tumblers, and toothbrush holders.

marble bathroom accessories

Which Materials Fit Best?

Different bathroom accessories require different materials based on your budget, but they should all be fade-resistant, durable, non-deforming, corrosion-proof, leak-proof, drip-proof, and resistant to chemicals.

Ceramic is perfect for sinks and tiles

While stone, marble, and acrylic are suitable for bathtubs, tissue boxes, soap dishes, towel trays, and amenities trays.

Stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, and brass are ideal for bathroom hardware. 

Wooden is perfect for vanity cabinets, walls, bathroom floors, dustbins, and amenity boxes.

Fitted or Free-standing Bathroom Accessories Which is Better?

Some bathroom accessories must be mounted on the wall, while others can be freely chosen. Some can be installed either way, and you can pick the one that suits your bathroom layout and size best.

 In hotel bathrooms, many prefer free-standing accessories for easier replacement.


Learning how to choose the right bathroom accessories can help hotels reduce costs, improve quality, and enhance the overall style and beauty of the bathroom.

This creates a more upscale and stunning impression for guests with the decor.

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