What is a leather bill folder?

A leather bill folder is a type of folder that is specifically designed for holding bills. It is usually made out of leather or different kinds of durable material. The folder typically has multiple pockets or compartments where you can store your bills. It makes it easy to grab the bills without searching through a pile of papers.

A restaurant leather bill folder is a great way to organize your financial documents. It makes it easier to locate important papers, but the material also ensures that your records remain safe and undamaged.

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A leather bill folder is a great way to organize and keep track of hotel expenses and other business bookkeeping. Not only does it look professional, but it can also help you stay organized and on top of your finances. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using a leather bill folder for your hotel expenses and other bookkeeping needs. Stay tuned!

Do you have many bills to pay every month? If so, you need to start using a leather bill folder. It is a great way to keep your bills organized and easy to access.

The Restaurant bill fold features an exquisite design, with sturdy cardboard as the main body and covered with high-quality PU leather. The faux leather’s texture and various colors and patterns add a touch of elegance and fashion to the hotel bill fold. The interior of the billfold is specially designed with a pen holder to accommodate various pen sizes, allowing you to write freely anytime, anywhere. In addition, the middle part of the billfold is equipped with a magnetic flap, which can hold bills of A4 and A6 sizes. The specific size can be customized according to customer needs. The additional pocket provides more storage space, allowing for easy storage of cash, cards, and other items. The leather billfold is practical and beautiful in appearance, making it an ideal choice for hotels, restaurants, and bars. If a more personalized design is needed, we can also customize it according to customer requirements.

Our custom bill fold services can meet all of your needs. Based on your requirements, we can imprint various logos, including hotel names, personal names, letters, and more. Our professional design team can provide a variety of billfold styles for you to choose or customize according to your provided drawings. With our experienced and skilled production team, we can guarantee high-quality and exquisite billfolds. Our dedicated business personnel can also provide the best pre-sales and after-sales services to meet your customized needs perfectly. If you are looking for a professional billfold factory, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with the best solutions.

The leather bill holder price is very affordable, only about 30RMB, which is equivalent to 4.9 US dollars. Of course, if you need a more complex design, the price will also increase accordingly. Therefore, the specific price will depend on many factors, including the design complexity, size, material, and order quantity.
Our billfold materials come in two types: genuine leather and synthetic leather. Here, we mainly introduce synthetic leather. Regardless of your chosen material, we can provide you with high-quality billfolds. This restaurant bill fold is very affordable in price and will not disappoint you in appearance and quality.

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This exquisitely designed check presenter is crafted from premium black leather, showcasing superior quality and taste. It features two convenient pockets inside, allowing easy storage of cash and bills, while the top is equipped with a transparent pocket for effortless accommodation of credit cards or other cards. The unique plastic pocket is smooth, enabling seamless sliding in and out of cards. The exterior of the check presenter is adorned with a golden logo, creating a luxurious and distinctive impression. This design is at the forefront of the latest fashion trends, as we always strive to design the latest styles based on customer preferences. The check presenter is durable and waterproof, making it resilient against water or coffee spills, easily restored with a gentle wipe. The delicate white stitching embellishment adds elegance and exquisite aesthetics.
This versatile check presenter is suitable for a wide range of establishments, including cafes, restaurants, bars, and other food service venues. It is practical and stylish, enhancing your brand image and professionalism in your business environment.

As the waiter gracefully approaches the guests, holding a stunning, exquisite, and high-quality check presenter, the entire scene instantly exudes captivating charm. Such a beautifully unparalleled check presenter impresses the guests and showcases the restaurant or hotel owner’s impeccable taste and unwavering pursuit of excellence. It is well known that we greatly value taste and hygiene when dining out. Therefore, when guests witness such a captivating check presenter, they appreciate its delicacy and elegance and form a profound and positive impression of the restaurant or hotel. Subconsciously, guests perceive a sense of trustworthiness from the establishment, significantly increasing the likelihood of becoming repeat customers. In the dining experience, it is the details that determine superiority. Hence, an exquisite menu folder and check presenter become crucial elements that supplement the service and create a perfect dining experience for customers. These thoughtfully designed details embody the restaurant’s professionalism and high regard for hygiene, earning the trust and favor of guests. Therefore, such an outstanding check presenter becomes an essential tool for attracting repeat customers and establishing an excellent image for the restaurant

Our factory boasts a professional design team that deeply values the ideas and preferences of each customer. We are committed to designing the latest styles of bill folders based on consumers’ latest preferences. Moreover, we can also create custom products that align with the themes and requirements of restaurants. We can produce unparalleled products by combining consumers’ preferences with the restaurant’s thematic design.
Our design team actively listens to customers’ needs and translates them into creativity and design. We understand that consumers’ preferences are constantly evolving, so we stay up-to-date with trends and the latest design influences to ensure our bill folders are always contemporary.
We recognize the significance of restaurant themes in creating unique experiences. Hence, our team can incorporate a restaurant’s distinct style and ambiance into the design of bill folders that perfectly complement the overall theme. This customized approach ensures a seamless integration with the restaurant’s image, delivering an incomparable sensory delight to guests.

No matter what your requirements are for bill folders, we are more than willing to collaborate with you and provide products that perfectly meet your specifications. Please contact us to embark on a journey together in creating a stunning bill folder that fulfills your desires.


1: It helps you keep your bills organized. You can easily see which bills are due, and you won’t have to search through a pile of papers to find the one you need.

2: It keeps your bills in one place, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

3: It makes it easy to grab the bill you need when you’re ready to pay it.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your bills organized and easy to access, you should consider using a leather bill folder. It is a great way to ensure you always have the bill when ready to pay it. So, what are you waiting for? Start using a leather bill folder today!

Our hotel leather bill folder suppliers has the following advantages:

1: We provide free artwork design services until the customer is satisfied. Customers can make free changes to the design until they achieve the desired effect.
2: We provide free samples for customers to check the quality. Customers can check the sample quality before placing a large order.
3: Our company has a good service attitude, and all staff is professionals who can provide professional advice and assistance.
4: We provide excellent after-sales service. If customers find any damage or other issues after receiving the product, we will provide immediate remedies.
5: Our products are not only affordable but also of five-star quality. We can provide customers with the best service in terms of both price and quality.