We are a professional factory specializing in customizing mother-of-pearl boxes, dedicated to providing our customers with unique designs and high-quality services. With an experienced design team, we can offer creative designs and customization based on each client’s specific needs and requirements, catering to various individualized demands.
We offer various options in color and design, with each mother-of-pearl box possessing its unique style and ambiance. Customers can choose based on their personal preferences and the decor style of their rooms, achieving the best decorative effect.
We can design mother-of-pearl inlay box products that best meet their expectations by communicating and understanding with our customers. Therefore, we keep in close contact with our customers throughout the customization process to ensure the perfect presentation of the final product. We promise to provide high-quality products and excellent services to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Style of Mother of pearl decorative box

This pure white Mother-of-Pearl box is a versatile item, perfect for enhancing the decor of hotel bathrooms while offering convenience to guests. With a multi-layered design, the top layer can hold towels, cups, and other items, while the bottom layer features a pull-out drawer for storing hotel-provided disposable items and keeping them dry and moisture-free. The box’s eco-friendly resin material and Mother of Pearl decorative box ensure it remains sturdy and retains its shape. However, due to its fragile nature, we recommend fixing it in place, and the box features four transparent anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent it from sliding on washbasins. Overall, this Mother-of-Pearl box is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical but also environmentally friendly and durable, making it a beautiful item worth having.

This mother-of-pearl box with lid is meticulously crafted with colorful shells, presenting a unique and beautiful appearance that delights the eyes. The mother-of-pearl box ‘s interior is made of pure white resin, while the lid and the box are connected by stainless steel hinges, giving it an elegant and sophisticated touch. The outer sea shell is adorned with black, white, and colorful shells, creating a rich and enchanting color combination. It is perfect for storing jewelry or other important items and can be placed in the bathroom and guest rooms, adding exquisite decoration to any space.

This pink mother-of-pearl box is a perfect decoration for girls’ rooms. Although its pink color evokes a sense of cuteness and romance, its beauty and practicality have also attracted many hotels, such as Shangri-La and Hilton to choose it as well. Different colors of shells give people different feelings, while this pink shell box gives people a warm and romantic feel. This amenities box is perfect whether as a gift for a mother or girlfriend or as a souvenir. No matter where it is used, it adds a touch of elegance and beauty to the space.


1: Amenities box

As a versatile item, the Mother of Pearl box has incomparable value and functionality. As an amenities box in hotel bathrooms, it can hold various small items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, cups, and tumblers for the guests’ convenience.

2:Mother of pearl storage box

In a home setting, it serves as a beautiful and practical mother-of-pearl storage box for jewelry, keys, and small items, keeping the space tidy and orderly while also serving as a highly sophisticated and stunning decoration that adds refinement to any room.

3: The Mother of Pearl jewelry box

can also be used to display jewelry or other luxurious items in stores, its high-end and elegant appearance and connotation perfectly complement the showcased products, making them even more appealing to customers.

4: As a gift

the Mother-of-Pearl gift box is perfect in every way. When you don’t know what gift to give, this box can be your best choice; whether it is for family, friends, or those you want to thank, it is a gift full of warmth and care.

5: As a souvenir

the Mother-of-Pearl box is highly esteemed. In hotels located by the sea, it is a unique and characteristic souvenir that can be customized with the hotel’s logo, demonstrating the hotel’s care and attention to its guests and leaving them with beautiful memories. From every angle, the Mother of Pearl box is a stunning, practical, and sophisticated item worth having.

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