The mother-of-pearl tissue box is a delicate and luxurious home decoration, with its main materials being high-quality wood structures and a natural mother of pearl. This combination of materials gives the tissue box a unique texture and sense of quality, making it a bright scenery for any occasion. These shell tissue boxes are characterized by hand-made, with each product being amazing. Its standard size and high precision of 1-2mm tolerance make it perfectly adaptable to the needs of various usage scenarios. Moreover, it has a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from simple and modern to classical and romantic, showing its diversity and flexibility.
In addition, these mother-of-pearl tissue boxes cover are waterproof, anti-corrosion, and fireproof, making them safe to be placed anywhere, such as kitchens, bathrooms, hotel rooms, homes, KTVs, SPAs, villas, shops, and so on. At the same time, they can also be customized according to the customers’ needs, including LOGO, size, shell color, and style, to meet the personalized needs of different customers.

these mother-of-pearl tissue boxes are not just ordinary household items, but also works of art. During manufacturing, each mother-of-pearl is carefully selected and matched to create unique beauty and personality for every seashell tissue box.
The outer layer of these mother-of-pearl tissue boxes is made from carefully processed natural seashells, whose beautiful patterns and magnificent colors are a masterpiece of nature that leaves people in awe of nature’s craftsmanship. At the same time, the resin-coated tissue box and acrylic structured tissue box also have outstanding texture due to their high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship.
Not only do these seashell tissue boxes have high value in home decoration, but they are also a great gift choice. They are excellent gifts for friends, family, and business partners, whether as festival gifts, birthday gifts, or wedding gifts, they can bring surprise and emotion to the recipients.

This white mother-of-pearl tissue box is exquisitely crafted with a high-quality pure white resin structure inside and a natural white square mother of pearl covering the outside, which is truly admirable. In addition to the large seashells, we also offer exquisite small mother of pearls for you to choose from according to your personal preferences. The white resin inside emits a pure and flawless luster, which, together with the smooth and shiny white seashell exterior, is fascinating. This tissue box adopts an oval-shaped mouth design, making it easy and convenient to take out tissues, greatly facilitating its use. At the same time, the four corners of the bottom are equipped with magnets, which, together with the lid below, can firmly fix the tissue box. The ingenious design of the magnets and the lid makes the replacement of tissues easy and quick.
This seashell tissue box is natural, pure white, with a smooth luster and a simple and generous appearance, demonstrating a noble and elegant quality, suitable for various hotel styles and loved by many people. It is moderately priced and has extremely high-cost performance, making it a very popular product.

This square mother-of-pearl tissue box is also highly sought after. Its body is cleverly assembled from acrylic and coated with white rectangular shells. It measures 130mm by 130mm by 135mm (5.11 by 5.11 by 5.31 inches), and each small mother of pearl is naturally and neatly arranged, smooth as jade, and sparkling, especially under light illumination, it shines brilliantly. The oval-shaped hole on the tissue box is beautiful and practical, and can be customized to a round shape according to needs. Tissues are still loaded from the bottom, and the bottom panel can be easily removed. Compared to the previous rectangular large white seashell tissue box, this small and exquisite tissue box is slightly more expensive, but its delicate and elegant appearance still wins the favor of many people.

This rectangular tissue box has received attention for its unique and charming design and materials. Its interior structure is made of sturdy black resin, while the exterior is inlaid with a layer of natural blue mother of pearl, presenting a beautiful and orderly square arrangement. The color of the mother of pearl depends on your decoration style and personal preference. This tissue box can perfectly blend into modern-style living spaces and add elegance to traditional-style rooms. It is practical but charming and elegant and will become a highlight of your home decor.

This rectangular seashell tissue box features exquisite design, consisting of black and white seashells arranged in alternating layers, with neat rows of white seashells in the middle, creating a coordinated aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. This tissue box can not only be decorated with monochrome shells but also can be combined with shells of various colors to create a unique visual effect that attracts people’s attention. It can exhibit different aesthetics according to the requirements of different rooms, leaving people amazed.

This pink mother-of-pearl tissue box is paired with a stainless steel top, combining the natural beauty of seashells with the modern feel of metal accessories. The pink seashell is smooth and delicate, with many tiny seashells that exude a natural charm and soft texture. The stainless steel top not only enhances the practicality of the tissue box but also exhibits a perfect combination of modern craftsmanship and natural elements, providing a deep sense of design and a high-end texture. Such a pairing not only meets guests’ requirements for aesthetics but also elevates the overall level and taste of the guest room.

This exquisite mother-of-pearl tissue box is not only small in size, but also composed of black, white, and yellow seashells, which creates a unique and charming style. The white seashells represent purity and elegance, while the black seashells exude a mysterious and classic atmosphere, and the yellow seashells display warmth and vitality. The interplay and complementarity of these colors bring a strong visual impact and sensory experience, making the entire space more vivid and interesting. Whether for home or hotel decoration, this seashell tissue box will bring more vitality and personalization to the interior design.

The mother-of-pearl tissue box boasts a stunning design complexity, combining metallic hardware and other decorative elements to create a more exquisite and luxurious appearance. Additionally, we offer various color combinations of mother of pearl to infuse each tissue box with its unique charm. As for size, we offer personalized customization based on the customer’s needs; we also provide various ways of customization such as engraving and printing the customer’s logo and logo printing services in multiple colors. Overall, this shell tissue box has a high level of difficulty in processing, including polishing and shell sticking, making it more prestigious and luxurious than standard resin, wood, or acrylic tissue boxes, which also leads to a higher price point.

Our designers can carefully craft various tissue boxes according to customer’s needs and preferences, including size, shape, color, mother-of-pearl combinations, and more. It can add a unique beauty and natural atmosphere to the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office. Moreover, we can also customize personalized logos for customers’ tissue boxes, making each box reflect a unique brand style and temperament. As a high-end luxury item, our shell tissue box is durable and exquisite, and the polishing and decoration details make it more elegant and gorgeous.