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What are Hotel Amenities-The Complete Guide In 2024

In recent years, guest expect a lot from property. About 80% of people are willing to pay extra to make sure their needs are met at a hotel. Instead of expensive renovations, just adding more hotel amenities is a cost-effective way to attract customers and stand out from the competition.

What are Hotel Amenities?

Hotel amenities are a crucial factor in distinguishing hotel grades and serve as one of the key methods to attract target customers. This is also a significant indicator for differentiating between full-service hotels and selected-service hotels.

They are categorized into basic, luxury, and customized amenities, including shampoo, hairdryer, tissue box, trash can, breakfast, dinner, swimming pool, free international calls, and more. Different hotels can choose appropriate hotel amenities to ensure satisfaction among their guests.

Do Amenities Mean Free in hotels?

Many guests expect hotels to provide complimentary hotel amenities. Nowadays, in fact, 90% of hotels rated three stars and above do offer complimentary hotel amenities. Items such as hotel toiletries, tissue boxes, Wi-Fi, hairdryers, safes, slippers, bathrobes, towels, and basic amenities are all provided free of charge. Many hotels also offer complimentary breakfast. 

However, there are also many paid services, such as red wine, cocktails, international calls, breakfast, dinner, and lunch; slightly more upscale services are typically included in the paid list. Of course, many five-star hotels provide all these amenities for free.

 Different hotels offer different levels of complimentary and paid hotel amenities. So, if you want to know whether hotel amenities are free at your current location, you can call and inquire.

hotel amenities

Why are Hotel Amenities So Important?

Actually, hotel amenities are a crucial part of the hotel infrastructure. Below, we will list three important reasons for your reference.

Exceed Customer Expectation

1: Life nowadays is fast-paced, and you might suddenly need to go on a business trip or take an unexpected journey. Sometimes, due to limited time, it’s hard to get everything ready for the trip. Or, to lighten the load。In this situation, it’s suggested that the hotel considers offering a range of free services and amenities to meet guests’ needs. 

This could include complimentary hotel toiletries, hairdryers, irons, ironing boards, bottled water, and free breakfast. By providing these extra services, we can ensure that guests get everything they want in the hotel, even if they don’t have the time or choose not to bring these items. 

This way, we can create a more convenient and enjoyable stay for guests, making them feel as comfortable as they would at home.

2: Many consumers face immense stress every day, and when they stay at a hotel, they expect more than just a place to sleep – they’re looking for a spot where they can completely relax. To meet these needs, property can offer a variety of services and amenities, ensuring that every guest can find a satisfying way to unwind. 

This might include features like a swimming pool, spa, dance events, clothing rental services (such as sportswear), free parking, and bike rentals. By providing these diverse hotel supplies, we can better cater to the varied needs of guests, going above and beyond their expectations.

Make Your Hotel Unique

If your hotel can offer customized and unique amenities, some guests might really like your hotel.

 Just like **** Hotel provides customized soap, where guests can choose their favorite scent and shape, this can give them a special experience. This personalized service not only meets the guests’ specific needs but also has the potential to create a unique brand image for your hotel in the market.”

Stand Out Apart From Your Competitor

With many brands and intense competition among short and long-term rental hotels, your hotel needs better facilities to keep guests happy. This way, you can stand out in the tough competition and retain customers’ loyalty.

Types of Hotel Amenities

Here, we provide a list of 75 hotel amenities for your reference. They are mainly categorized into Basic, Creative (& Unique) Hotel Amenities, Unconventional Food & Beverage Amenities, and Fitness, Games & Hobbies.


The basic hotel amenities vary for each hotel, they are the main selling points for a hotel and are also the primary factors that guests consider when choosing a hotel. These amenities are typically provided to guests free of charge.

1. Hotel Toiletries

Hotels usually give guests free toiletries, but the brands and quality can vary. 

In five-star hotels, they typically provide well-known brands of toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap, shower cap, shaving kit, comb, hairbrush, disposable razor, toothpaste, toothbrush, and cotton swabs. 

The brand, packaging, and quality directly impact how guests feel when using them.


2. Free Fast Wifi

Business professionals need fast WiFi during work or meetings to ensure smooth progress. They prefer hotels that offer quick WiFi.

When families travel, having a reliable and fast WiFi connection is crucial for sharing photos and video calls with loved ones. Whether it’s for business trips or family vacations, the demand for high-speed WiFi is increasing.

3. Complimentary Water

These days, almost every hotel offers guests complimentary bottled water with the hotel’s logo. It’s not just convenient for guests; it also leaves a lasting impression of the hotel brand in their minds.

4. Amenities Tray

This tray holds stuff like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, and a cup. It keeps the bathroom counter clean and looks nice. It’s a cool way to organize things and get guests’ attention.

amenities tray

5. Coffee Kit

Some people like tea, and some like coffee. In your room, have a coffee kit with tea bags and coffee sachets.

6. Tissue Box

In the hotel rooms, lobby, restroom, meeting rooms, and bar, having beautiful tissue boxes with the hotel’s logo can showcase the hotel’s brand and make guests feel the thoughtful service, encouraging them to become loyal customers

leather tissue box

7. Safe

Customers sometimes carry very valuable items and belongings, and they hope the hotel can ensure the safety of these possessions. When choosing a hotel, they pay special attention to whether the hotel provides a safe  box service.

8. Mini Bar

It can be quite exhausting for guests when they arrive at their rooms. Having a drink at that moment can bring a great sense of relaxation. Many young people appreciate having a mini bar in their hotel rooms.

9. Ironing Capabilities

For business people meeting clients, looking professional is key to sealing the deal. They really appreciate hotels that offer iron and ironing board services.

10. Hanger

Nowadays, people care a lot about their clothing and don’t like wrinkles. They hope hotels provide various hangers for different clothes. If your hotel offers satin hangers, suit hangers, coat hangers, skirt hangers, and sock hangers, it will be a very appealing feature.

hotel hanger

11. TV with Cable

Hotel rooms usually have a TV with cable, and guests like watching it. It’s great for kids too; they can watch cartoons, giving parents a break.

12. Laundry Service

When eating or drinking coffee, it’s easy to stain clothes, and during business trips, we often don’t have extra clothes to change into. If your hotel provides free laundry service, it will stand out from the competition.

13. Bathrobe and Slipper

Most hotels provide slippers, and they come in different qualities – disposable ones and some that are plastic and can be reused. Hotels rated four stars and above typically offer disposable slippers and bathrobes. In some hotels, you can even purchase bathrobes.

hotel bathrobe 1

14. Options for Pillow

Some guests have special pillow preferences, and others are sensitive to allergens. If your hotel offers different types of pillows, such as feather, memory foam, and hypoallergenic pillows, it will attract those guests with specific pillow needs.

15. Towels

Towels are essential in hotels, and guests prefer them to be pure white, cleaned, and disinfected daily, so they can use them with confidence.

16. Luggages Storage

If your hotel is near the airport or train station, travelers usually have a lot of luggage. Providing luggage racks is a thoughtful service that makes guests feel convenient.

hotel luggage rack

17. Free Breakfast

According to a survey, 80% of travelers want hotels to provide free, clean, and tasty breakfast, whether it’s a continental buffet or a sit-down hot meal. Many guests aren’t familiar with the area and prefer to sleep in, so when choosing a hotel, they pay attention to whether breakfast is offered.

18. Free Parking

Nowadays, the hotel market is very competitive, especially with short-term rentals offering free parking. You should check if most hotels in your local area provide free parking and then decide if your hotel should offer it too.

19. Phone

Phones are all over the hotel – in the elevator, rooms, meeting rooms, and bathrooms. They help guests connect with the hotel for quick assistance.

20. Electrical Kettle

Your hotel has a coffee and tea kit, so it’s a good idea to also provide a welcome tray. This tray includes an electric kettle and cups, making it easy for guests to enjoy hot water, coffee, and tea.

welcome tray (1)

Creative (& Unique) Hotel Amenities

Here are 34 unique hotel amenities that guests wish hotels would have. Your hotel can also choose some of these amenities to stand out and be different.

21. Premium Coffee

Many business professionals and young people pursue a refined lifestyle, and they prefer instant coffee. If you think adding a coffee machine to each room is too expensive, you can place one in the lobby for them to use freely anytime.

22.  Share Local Knowledge

Many travelers plan ahead, but many business people might not. If your hotel provides a little notebook with information about local beautiful scenery, popular restaurants, sports venues, spas, or shops, it would be a very helpful service for them.

23. Kitchen Facility

To cater to short-term and long-term apartments, they typically provide kitchen facilities, attracting families as their target audience. 

Some hotels also offer basic kitchen amenities like an electric kettle, oven, small fridge, bowls, plates, and pots. This allows guests to conveniently heat and store food in the hotel after dining out. It provides added convenience for elderly guests and families with children, allowing them to prepare some food comfortably in the hotel.

24. Wireless Speaker

Young people particularly enjoy having music in their rooms to savor quiet moments. Providing a high-quality wireless speaker can elevate this experience. To make a lasting impression, it’s essential to pay attention to these thoughtful details.

25. Mobile Check -In

In the hotel industry, we’re keeping up with technological advancements by introducing cutting-edge systems such as smart robots, manual control of lights and curtains, and an advanced room management system to enhance our service standards.

Embracing the trend of technological development, we’ve adopted the latest hotel management system, allowing guests to check in anytime, anywhere via their smartphones. No need to worry about time constraints or waiting, saving our guests valuable time.

This advanced technology not only makes check-in more convenient for guests but also provides a more comfortable accommodation experience. As guest satisfaction increases, positive reviews are left on our website. These reviews not only reach more potential guests but also influence their decisions, making them more inclined to choose our hotel for their stay.

Moreover, the mobile check-in system effectively reduces waiting times at the front desk, easing the workload for our staff and lowering the hotel’s financial expenses.

All these improvements aim to provide guests with a more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable accommodation experience, ensuring they have a pleasant time during their stay at our hotel.

26. In-Room Tablets

Many young people prefer electronic devices nowadays. If your hotel provides in-room tablets, guests can check all hotel information and activities on them and even contact the front desk directly.

in room tablet

27. In-Room Cocktail Station

Having good coffee in hotels is a smart investment. And having a DIY cocktail station in rooms is a cool idea. It lets guests make their own special cocktails in their comfy rooms, making their stay unique and memorable.

28. VIP shopping at local Merchant

When people travel, they often like to bring local specialties for friends, family, and colleagues. If your hotel offers VIP services, such as showing the hotel room key to get discounts at certain popular local stores, it’s a great service for your guests. This not only boosts the local economy but also helps your hotel build better relationships with the community.

29. Local History at Turndown

To add more storytelling and mystery to your hotel, attracting guests who seek secrets, we can introduce an interesting service called “Local History at Turndown.” 

We’ll prepare a small card placed on the bedside during nightly room service. The card will feature intriguing and famous local historical events or stories related to our hotel. This will offer guests a unique experience, allowing them to delve deeper into the local culture and the stories behind our hotel.

30. Relaxation Devices

After a long day of meetings, learning, or travel, guests want to relax in their rooms without going out. Your hotel can offer some relaxation amenities, like calm music, pleasant aromas, massage services, scent diffusers, soothing eye masks, and white noise machines, as well as relaxing music.

31. Powerbank for the Road

In taking photos, staying in touch with guests, friends, and family, making calls, and handling payments, the smartphone has become an essential tool. However, the frustration sets in when the phone battery is low. 

If your hotel offers a power bank rental service or provides a complimentary power bank after guests leave a five-star review on the website, it would be an excellent way to leave a lasting and positive impression.

32. Rollaway Tent:

Having a rollaway tent in the hotel is essential for attracting families. This tent can be placed in the guest room for children to play, allowing parents to enjoy some quiet time. Moreover, when families go out to nearby parks, they can take the rollaway tent along with some delicious food for a delightful picnic.

33. Room Purification

In the downtown area, where the surroundings are often noisy and the air may not be ideal, we provide air purification services in guest rooms to create a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, we offer customized air purification with scents tailored to guests’ preferences. You can inform the hotel about your favorite fragrance to ensure that the room’s air always aligns with your preferences.

34. Kid Equipment

If your hotel is catering to families, make sure to provide children’s essentials such as cribs, baby strollers, high chairs, utensils, and toys. These thoughtful preparations will be greatly appreciated by parents traveling with their children

35. Pampered Pets

In today’s society, people consider pets as part of the family. To attract family customers, providing pet beds, bowls, and pet food is a very important way.

36. Charging Stations

To attract more guests, we must make them feel at home. For this reason, charging stations are essential. 

We’ve taken into account the needs of international travelers by providing various plugs, including the USBplug, and offering universal sockets to ensure worry-free charging. We’ve installed charging stations at the desks in the rooms, creating a convenient work environment for our guests. 

Recognizing that some people like to use their phones or other devices in bed, we’ve also placed charging stations next to the bedside tables, meeting guests’ charging needs at any time.

37. Coworking Spaces or In-room Offices

After guests finish their meetings or studies, or while they’re waiting, they desire a quiet and aesthetically pleasing space to work. Some prefer working in an open area, so having a shared workspace in the lobby would be a thoughtful service, and guests will appreciate this attentive gesture.

On the other hand, some people prefer working in the comfort of their own rooms. To cater to this, having an in-room office space has become an essential feature in modern hotels, meeting guests’ needs for privacy and comfort. These considerate designs make working more convenient and enjoyable for guests.

38. Personalized Welcome Gifts

When your guests check in or enter their rooms, you personally prepare customized welcome gifts for them. This thoughtful gesture allows them to feel the hotel’s meticulous and refined management, and I believe it will make them feel especially at ease during their stay. 

As long as we can earn their trust, I am confident they will become loyal customers of the hotel.

39. Free Library

For book lovers, whether on a business trip or vacation, a good book is like a mental treat that can dispel the fatigue of the day. When traveling away from home, the unfamiliar surroundings can be unsettling, and few hotels offer a free library. If your hotel has a free library, it will be a unique competitive advantage.

40. In-Elevator Bartenders

Some hotels cleverly have a bar service inside elevators, so guests can enjoy a beer while waiting for the elevator.

41. Personalized Plant Setups

According to survey results, 80% of respondents like having their favorite plants in their rooms. 

Therefore, we can provide customized plant setups based on guests’ personal preferences. 

Each plant can come with a small card providing detailed instructions on how to care for it properly. This thoughtful service not only meets guests’ personalized needs but also creates a more pleasant environment for them during their hotel stay.

42. Personalized Soaps, Toiletries and More.

To meet the needs of guests who have specific preferences for scents and ingredients in toiletries and soaps, especially those with allergies, I suggest offering customized bath products.

Guests can even have the option to create these items themselves, providing a unique and memorable experience during their stay. This personalized touch will add a special touch to your hotel.

43. Exclusive Offers

In your guest room, we can add some exclusive offers. For example, providing complimentary books and movies along with free popcorn. This not only makes it easier for guests to remember our hotel but also might inspire them to give a five-star rating.

44. Themed city tours

Your hotel can organize themed city tours every Sunday. Over 1-2 days, introduce guests to the famous landmarks, restaurants, and museums in the local city, allowing them to experience the local culture more deeply.

45. Complimentary Mobile Phones

In this hotel in Hong Kong, international guests can make free phone calls, which is truly a thoughtful and luxurious service. As we all know, international call charges can be quite high, and when abroad, the costs of staying in touch with family, colleagues, or clients through phone calls can add up.

 The hotel offering complimentary phone services, especially for guests who value staying connected, undoubtedly stands out as a highly appealing feature.

46. Write Personal Notes

In this era where electronic devices are everywhere, handwritten things become especially precious. Imagine if it’s a guest’s birthday, your hotel personally writes “Happy Birthday” and sincere wishes. 

For honeymooners, I jot down sweet congratulations or simply write the guest’s name with a day’s blessing. These small gestures undoubtedly make guests feel the hotel’s thoughtful care. 

Sometimes, it’s these tiny details that can create a profound and beautiful impact in the hearts of guests.

47. Complimentary Daily Newspaper

Some very unique hotels offer complimentary daily newspapers.

48. Pick Up Service

To better meet our guests’ needs, we understand that many travelers, including international guests, may not be familiar with local transportation upon arrival. Therefore, we highly value the provision of convenient and efficient services. We offer airport shuttle service every half an hour, ensuring that upon arrival at the airport or train station, guests can easily and quickly travel to the hotel without a long wait.

hotel pick up car

49. Non-Smoking Room

Many guests really dislike smoking, and they prefer non-smoking rooms. To meet this preference, many five-star hotels thoughtfully offer non-smoking room options to ensure a comfortable experience for guests.

50. 24-Hour Desk Service

To promptly meet our guests’ needs, your hotel provides 24-hour front desk service, ensuring timely assistance at any moment for our guests.

51. Room Service

To ensure a delightful stay for newlyweds and young guests, creating wonderful memories, we offer special room service. You can enjoy delicious meals and drinks in the comfort of your room, without the need to leave your accommodation, adding more warmth and unforgettable experiences to your hotel journey.

52. Family Room

To attract family guests, we offer specially designed family suites with an extra double bed or sofa bed, accommodating 4-6 people. The rooms are spacious, providing ample space for children to play, while also creating a quiet environment for parents to rest fully.

53. Room Jacuzzi

Your hotel offers in-room Jacuzzi service, providing guests with an enhanced relaxation experience during their stay. They can find details about this unique service on our website, making it a standout feature for your guests to enjoy multiple amenities like soaking, resting, massages, and hydrotherapy.

54. Electric Vehicle Charging Center

Considering that guests may embark on short-distance road trips, especially with the use of electric cars like the Tesla, we offer a dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging Center. This service caters to the needs of such guests, providing them with convenient and efficient charging facility

Unconventional F&B Amenities

There are 9 unique food and beverage amenities that can make guests remember your hotel

55. Sweet Treat at Turndown

Some hotels offer a sweet turn-down service. They place chocolates and local sweets on the pillows to make guests feel warmly cared for.

56. Fresh Bread

Some hotels offer complimentary fresh bread. Every morning, a cyclist passes by the rooms, delivering fresh bread and creating a delightful experience for many guests.

57. In-Room Cocktail Station

As everyone knows, offering premium coffee in hotels is a wise investment. Similarly, having an in-room cocktail station is equally worthwhile, allowing guests to mix their favorite cocktails according to their personal taste right in their rooms.

58. In-Room Beer Tap

When we feel tired, there are various ways to unwind, and having a few beers is also a great option. Having an In-Room Beer Tap in the hotel room is a low-cost way to win guests’ approval.

59. Shower Fridge

You’re right, thinking of unique hotel amenities is always a good idea. And having a shower fridge is a fantastic concept. This way, guests can easily enjoy their favorite drinks, like beer, while taking a shower.

60. Cooking Classes

This famous hotel offers a great service – they let chefs teach guests how to make some famous dishes for free. A lot of people come to this hotel regularly because of this feature. I suggest you consider doing something similar.

61. Fresh Fruit Bowl

In recent years, more and more people have been affected by cancer, leading to a growing interest in organic food. People now appreciate nature even more and seek the freshness of seasonal fruits. 

We can collaborate with nearby farms to deliver freshly picked grapes, peaches, apples, pears, and more every day. Additionally, we can offer guests the opportunity to participate in farm picking, allowing them to experience the joy of harvesting firsthand.

This is not just a way to provide guests with high-quality fruits but also a positive way to support local farms and their income. Through this collaboration with farms, we aim to offer guests healthy and fresh food options while contributing to the development of local agriculture.

fresh fruit bowel

62. Snack baskets with local tastes

Many busy business people don’t have time to explore local flavors outside. If your hotel rooms have snacks with local tastes, it would be a thoughtful service. These snacks can be offered for free or charged a reasonable fee, not only adding to the hotel’s revenue but also promoting local specialties.

63. Outdoor dining or rooftop bars

A lovely setting, a romantic atmosphere everywhere – that’s dining or having drinks at outdoor dining or rooftop bars. Enjoying the evening breeze, admiring the view, and having a heart-to-heart with your loved one – it’s a great food experience in life. This would attract a lot of couples.

Outdoor dining or rooftop bars

Fitness, Games & Hobbies

Here are 12 different types of fitness, games, and hobby facilities.

64. House Car Service

Luxury hotels usually provide car rental services with vehicles that match the hotel’s high-end image.

65. Free Bike Options

If your hotel is near a suitable place for cycling, you can offer free bike rentals and related equipment, including helmets and other safety gear. Provide a cycling map for guests to explore safe areas, enjoy beautiful scenery, and locate places for food services.

66. In-Room Workout Equipment and Classes

To accommodate guests who enjoy working out in their rooms, if adding fitness equipment to each room seems too costly, consider including simple items like yoga gear, dumbbells, and exercise bikes. You can also create programs offering yoga classes, guiding guests on how to practice yoga effectively. 

This considerate arrangement not only meets guests’ fitness needs but also provides them with more options for a comfortable stay.

67. Enthusiast & Hobbyist Tech

For guests who love playing golf, we can offer dedicated rooms equipped with a golf simulator. This way, they can enjoy the pleasure of golf right in their room.

For art-loving guests, we can adorn the rooms with beautiful paintings depicting local scenery. In the lobby, we can showcase a collection of precious artworks for guests to freely appreciate.

 Additionally, these artworks will be available for purchase, allowing guests to take a piece of art home as a cherished souvenir. This will provide art enthusiasts with a unique and enriching accommodation experience.

68. In-room games

For hotels targeting families, many often design a room specifically equipped with various games for children to enjoy. I suggest your hotel consider creating a dedicated room with in-room games to better meet the needs of families.

69. Swimming Pool

    The hotel has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, making it an excellent amenity for guests who love swimming. Whether it’s winter or summer, guests can enjoy swimming to their heart’s content, allowing them to fully relax in their favorite activity.

70. Arcade Games

To enhance our guests’ experience, we can create a room or set up a gaming corner in a public area. It will feature games like pinball, skee-ball, and racing games. We’ll also add a popcorn machine and classic candy to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy gaming.

71. Musical Instruments

To attract music enthusiasts, you can have special rooms with various instruments like cello, flute, piano, violin, guitar, organ, and more. Let guests enjoy the pleasure of playing different instruments during their stay at the hotel.

72. Fitness Apparel & Shoes

If there’s a good place for running near the hotel, consider having a store that sells fitness apparel and shoes. This way, guests can easily buy workout gear and enjoy their exercise comfortably.

Your hotel can offer a service to rent outdoor equipment, such as tents, water bottles, backpacks, tools, fishing gear, badminton, and more. This way, guests can easily rent these items and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

74. Gym and Fitness Center

Modern people value their health, and exercise has become a part of their lifestyle. When booking a hotel, they pay special attention to whether there is a gym. If a large gym is too costly, you can consider having a smaller one.


75. Recreation

Everyone has different interests and hobbies, all wanting to live a happy life. In an unfamiliar hotel area, they hope the hotel can offer more free leisure and entertainment options, like golf, tennis, and other popular sports.

How Can You Attract The Right Guests With Hotel Amenity?

In the hotel industry, customers nowadays prioritize cleanliness and excellent customer service as their top considerations, followed by the hotel facilities. Different types of customers have diverse preferences for hotel supplies, so hotels need to cleverly tailor their amenities to meet these varied expectations. 

To attract specific types of guests, hotels must prepare facilities that perfectly cater to their needs. Additionally, the hotel’s level determines the corresponding facilities it should offer—economical hotels may reduce amenities moderately, while luxury hotels should provide high-end and luxurious facilities. This approach ensures that hotels of all levels can meet customer expectations and deliver a flawless accommodation experience.

For business Travelers

Business travelers on trips usually have clear goals and don’t have extra time to enjoy the surrounding scenery. They focus on completing tasks excellently, such as meeting clients, learning, attending meetings, and participating in events. 

Their time is extremely valuable, and they prefer hotels that provide meeting rooms, eliminating the need to rent external office space. Since they are constantly working, a quiet office space is essential. Apart from basic hotel supplies, these additional services are highly attractive to them.

Free Fast Wifi

When business travelers meet clients in hotels and want to showcase information, encountering slow internet speed can significantly impact their business. 

This situation makes them feel very frustrated. For their next hotel reservation, they will definitely choose a hotel that offers very fast WiFi because it is crucial for their work

Meeting Room

When guests plan events, their top priority is booking a hotel that includes a meeting room that meets their event needs.

hotel Conference,Room

Ironing Capabilities

Business professionals value their appearance highly and aim to present the best image possible in front of friends and clients. Therefore, they prefer property to provide ironing facilities.

Laundry Service

Maintaining a professional image is crucial in business, and clean, neat attire is a fundamental requirement for business professionals. They prefer hotels that offer laundry services.

Luggages Storage

When attending trade shows, guests typically carry large and heavy luggage. Therefore, they prefer hotels that offer luggage storage services.

Free Breakfast

Business professionals have very tight schedules, and a full day of work can be exhausting. Getting some extra sleep in the morning is particularly precious for them. To save time, they prefer hotels that offer complimentary breakfast.

Free Parking

Some guests may rent hotel meeting rooms near their company, and the guests they invite may choose to stay at your property. In such situations, free parking is an important option for them.

Premium Coffee

Business professionals have high expectations for the quality of life, and they prefer freshly ground coffee as it reflects a premium standard. If your target customers are businessmen, it’s essential to offer high-quality coffee that aligns with their identity.


In urgent situations when the phone is out of battery, it can lead to significant losses for business professionals. Therefore, keeping the phone charged is crucial for them. The front desk can offer rental power banks as a service and also provide them as a welcome gift for VIP customers.

For Luxury Travelers

For luxury travelers, they expect hotels to offer a comprehensive range of services, including a pool, spa, bar, lounge area, and meeting room.

They are willing to pay extra to enjoy all the hotel facilities and their goal is to spend a pleasant time in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

For Family Travelers

For family users with a diverse population, including children and the elderly, they require a very spacious room with abundant family-friendly hotel amenities. Examples include children’s pajamas, bathrobes, and slippers, children’s toothbrush and toothpaste, baby shampoo and washbasins (available upon request), and diaper pails (available upon request).

Family Room

When a family goes out to play and returns to their hotel room, they also wish to have their own quiet space. Therefore, when booking a property, they specifically pay attention to whether there is a family room available

Electrical Kettle

Elderly individuals and young children often need warm water for drinking, and sometimes to prepare milk formula. Therefore, having an electric kettle is essential for them.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are very attractive for homemakers. They hope to learn how to cook five-star hotel dishes in the hotel, to prepare delicious meals for their families.

Pampered Pets

In modern times, people treat their pets like family. So, providing pet bowls and food in the room would make pet owners feel the hotel’s care.

Kid Equipment

Prepare some kid-friendly equipment, allowing children to play independently. When kids see fun toys, they’ll be happy, and parents will also feel delighted.

For the Weekend Getaway Crowd

For those who go out for relaxation on weekends, their main goal is to unwind without spending too much. They often choose destinations close to their workplace and prefer to drive themselves. Offering free parking is a way for them to save costs.

Themed City Tours

They usually have their preferred destinations, but if your hotel offers themed city day tours or provides a list with detailed information about the surrounding area, it will be very interesting for them.

Wireless Speaker

After a week of overwhelming work and intense mental stress, going out for relaxation is essential. If the hotel room provides a wireless speaker, it would be a fantastic amenity.

 Young guests can freely enjoy some music in their rooms, creating a peaceful and personal space.

Free Bike Options

If your hotel is surrounded by great places for biking, offering free bike rentals allows them to freely enjoy the pleasure of cycling.

Free bike option

For the Tech-Savvy Millennials

For tech-savvy millennials, who are keen on using the latest electronic devices, hotels should be equipped with advanced hotel management systems and facilities that support mobile check-in and smart control of in-room amenities.

Value Seekers

For budget-conscious guests, the number of hotel amenities is not their primary concern. They simply need a reasonably priced and clean room.

Eco-Conscious Travelers

For guests with a strong environmental awareness, they prefer hotels to provide sustainable amenities rather than disposable ones.


For backpackers, they prioritize value for money and lean towards budget hotels and apartments.

How Your Hotel Suppliers and Features Affect Pricing

If your property is a chain or high-end establishment, it’s crucial to provide high-quality hotel amenities that match the same level of standards. Just imagine, if a luxury hotel offers low-quality amenities, it would leave guests with a very dissatisfying experience.

Basic hotel amenities are provided for free, but most high-end amenities are available for a fee, and upscale guests are willing to pay for these services.

1: High-quality and comprehensive hotel amenities elevate the hotel’s status, allowing for higher room prices.

2: Selling these upscale hotel amenities can contribute to increasing the hotel’s overall revenue.

3: Offering comprehensive hotel amenities helps attract different types of guests, thereby boosting the hotel’s total revenue.

4: Upscale hotel amenities provide guests with a better experience and comfort, enticing them to come back again.

Customizing Amenities for Different Guest Segments

Guests who opt for Customized Amenities are typically quite wealthy and may have specific requests. For instance, if a guest has allergies, we prepare a purification room for them.

 Some guests may have particular preferences for the scent of bath products, and we tailor the fragrance to their liking.

Challenges in Providing Hotel Amenities

Hotel owners, or hoteliers, face various challenges when it comes to providing hotel amenities. Here are a few key aspects:

1: Financial Constraints: 

To offer high-quality and diverse hotel amenities, substantial financial support is required.

2: Space Limitations: 

Hotels often have limited space, making it challenging to build facilities like pools or free libraries.

3: Staffing Concerns: 

For instance, if there’s a plan to establish a restaurant offering both Western and Chinese cuisine, it may necessitate hiring more skilled chefs and management personnel.

Guest Expectations and Satisfaction

Hotel Amenities Impact Guest Satisfaction

When guests stay in a hotel, they’re there to enjoy different kinds of hotel amenities. Imagine checking into a hotel that looks great on the outside, but inside, it has very few and low-quality amenities. How would that make you feel?

 To leave a lasting impression on different types of guests, your hotel needs to offer amenities that match their preferences. So, the type of amenities you provide significantly affects guest satisfaction and hotel revenue.

Trends in Hotel Amenities

Hotel amenities play a key role in boosting the hotel brand, guest satisfaction, and outshining competitors. Hotel owners focus on adding diverse amenities to attract guests. The future trends in this area are moving in the following directions:

Environmentally Friendly: 

As members of society, it’s our responsibility to contribute to environmental protection. Hotels should replace disposable items with products that can be used sustainably.


 Health is crucial, so the facilities provided by hotels should be harmless to the body.


Nowadays, young people prefer branded products, and this applies to hotel supplies as well.


We tailor some unique facilities for the property, making it stand out in the market.

Aesthetic Appeal: 

For instance, with items like disposable combs and shaving kits, we can focus on attractive designs. This ensures that guests not only enjoy using them but also feel inclined to take them home for further use.

Free Offerings: 

To enhance guest satisfaction, we provide more complimentary facilities, allowing guests to enjoy additional benefits.


Hotel amenities can set your hotel apart from competitors, boosting revenue and increasing brand awareness. By ensuring guests have a comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing stay, earning their positive reviews, you can showcase the advantages of your property to attract even more guests.


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