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What is a Rollaway Bed in Hotel?- The Ultimate Guide

Hotel rollaway beds are essential equipment for enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing hotel revenue. They come in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and price ranges. 

This article aims to provide detailed insights into these aspects, helping you make informed decisions during the purchasing process

What is a Hotel Rollaway Bed?

A hotel rollaway bed, also known as a folding bed or cot, is a type of bed that is easy to fold, store, and carry. Its unique design makes it essential in hotels, providing a convenient and practical solution for meeting additional sleep and other specific needs.

This bed is lightweight and comes with four flexible wheels, making it very easy to move around.


A rollaway bed primarily consists of a frame, metal wire, mattress, and headboard. The frame is composed of metal tubes and wood, while the mattress can be made of foam, innerspring, air, or a spring mattress. 

The cover comes in different patterns and colors, crafted from knitted fabric, vinyl, or leather. The headboard is typically made of wood.


The choice of material for the bed frame is crucial, as it supports the entire hotel folding bed. Poor quality material may lead to safety issues. Typically, you can opt for solid wood or steel tubes. 

When selecting steel tubes, it is important to choose a larger diameter and thicker thickness, such as a diameter of 32mm and a thickness of 1mm, to ensure the safety of the bed frame.


Mattresses come in different materials, structures, and thicknesses, providing varying levels of comfort. Generally, a thicker innerspring mattress is very comfortable. For specific details, you can consult with our sales experts.


Covers are typically made of main knitted fabric, vinyl, and leather. The price and the feel of each material differ, affecting the overall comfort.

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Why Do Hotels Use Rollaway Beds?

When guests have three individuals and book a double bed room, and then additionally reserve a hotel rollaway bed, it helps reduce accommodation costs. The following three aspects explain why hotels provide hotel rollaway beds.

Accommodate More Guests

Some families traveling want to save money, so they book one room and hope the hotel can provide extra beds. If you don’t want to share a bed with your companions, you can also ask for a folding bed.

Increase Revenue

During peak travel times, when many guests are making reservations and your rooms are limited, you can add some folding beds to accommodate more people. This way, you can increase your hotel’s revenue.

Provide Options for Guests

When traveling with a larger group, guests have the freedom to choose. They can opt to book more rooms or choose fewer rooms to save on travel costs. This choice can enhance guest satisfaction.

How to Request a Rollaway Bed in a Hotel

Not all hotels offer rollaway beds, so it’s important to check before booking. You can call the front desk when making a reservation to ask if the hotel provides rollaway beds.

If booking through an app or online, you can make a note about it. The hotel staff will likely get in touch with you when they see the request.

Are Hotel Rollaway Beds Comfortable And How to Make It More Better?

The quality of hotel rollaway beds varies between different hotels. In five-star hotels or well-known chains, the folding beds they provide are usually of high quality, with good materials and comfortable mattresses.

Some hotels, due to budget considerations, may have folding beds that are not as fancy in design or quality. However, you can call the front desk to ask if they are suitable for you or if there are any other solutions available.

You can consult a professional factory for their expert advice. Opt for a hotel folding bed that is a bit more expensive. Increase the mattress thickness, use a spring or foam mattress, and choose a sturdy frame with good materials.

Also, pick a slightly wider hotel rollaway bed for more comfort when turning.

What is Hotel Rollaway Bed Fee?

In hotels, if you want an extra rollaway bed, you usually have to pay for it. The cost varies depending on the hotel’s location. In busy places or fancy hotels, it can be more expensive, around $10-50 per night. But some hotels give the rollaway bed for free to make guests happy.

Before booking a hotel, ask the front desk about the cost. Find out if it’s free or how much it costs. This way, you’ll know what to expect

Types of Rollaway Beds

Rollaway beds come in different styles, such as folding frame rollaway beds, inflatable rollaway beds, and trundle rollaway beds.

Folding Frame Rollaway Beds

The folding frame rollaway bed is a popular choice for those in need of a temporary and short rest. It’s affordable, space-saving, and easy to store. The metal tube frame, along with a soft mattress, provides a comfortable experience.

Inflatable Rollaway Beds

Inflatable rollaway beds save more space compared to folding frame rollaway beds. However, they require an air pump when in use.

Trundle Rollaway Beds

This type of bed typically has a second bed arranged underneath, and when needed, it can be pulled out using four wheels without requiring additional floor space.

However, due to the limited height of the upper bed, the mattress of this trundle rollaway bed is usually thinner and positioned between the floor and the upper bed.

Rollaway Beds Size

Rollaway beds come in different sizes like Queen, Twin, and can even be customized. The size depends on the thickness of the mattress and the design of the folding bed. Check the table below for most sizes:

In the same size, because the price is different, the material is different, so the weight is also different.

hotel extra bed


Mattress Thickness(cm) Rollaway Bed Size(cm) Folding Up Size(cm) Can Bear Weight (kg) Net Weight(kg)
20cm 200*120*50 cm 125*56*106 cm 300kg 43-46kg
15cm 195*120*48 cm 125*45*100 cm 280kg 49kg
9 cm 195*90*40 cm 94*31*103 cm 200kg 28kg
20cm 203*100*60 cm 203*101*61 cm 300kg 48kg
20cm 195*90*50 cm 94*56*105 cm 250kg 32*36kg
15cm 195*90*46cm 94*47*117cm 250kg 37kg
12cm  200*100*42 cm 105*46*106cm 220kg 34kg
6cm 191*75*28cm 77*21*104cm 100kg 19kg
4cm 190*55*27cm 57*42*57cm 73kg 20kg

Advantage of Rollaway Bed

Rollaway beds have numerous advantages, with the most crucial being lightweight, easy to move, space-saving, and affordable.


The rollaway bed, compared to traditional beds, offers a unique advantage in saving space. Its clever design allows you to effortlessly stow it away under the bed or in a cabinet when not in use, creating a more spacious and tidy living environment for your room


The bed has four wheels, making it easy to move from one room to another.


Easy to fold and simple to set up, some designs just need to be opened to the sides, while others have a hook that you can take off to unfold. It’s very easy to use.


Hotel rollaway beds are cheaper compared to traditional bed


Hotel rollaway beds come with various mattress thickness options, including comfortable spring mattresses. They ensure a sleep experience as cozy as a traditional bed. Compared to a sofa, a hotel rollaway bed is an excellent choice.

Cons of Rollaway Bed

Hotel rollaway beds typically don’t last as long as traditional beds. They have a simple design, are easy to use, lightweight, and usually have a hollow frame.

What to Expect When Using a Rollaway Bed?

Its primary purpose is for resting, so we pay special attention to these three aspects.

Comfort and Quality

Good rest gives you the energy to face life’s challenges. A comfy rollaway bed helps you relax completely, making the most of your limited time and space for a peaceful sleep.

If you’re not feeling well, using a more comfortable hotel extra bed can ease some of your pain.

The quality of rollaway beds varies between hotels. High-end hotels offer better ones, while budget hotels may have simpler ones due to cost considerations. 

High-quality folding beds use good materials and smart designs for better support and comfort. On the other hand, budget hotels may have basic options that might not be ideal for long rests.

Safety Concerns

Rollaway beds have four swivel wheels. Remember to lock them before using.

The bed is made of a metal frame and mattress. Make sure the metal frame is strong enough to support your weight.

Rollaway beds are raised above the ground and don’t have side rails. If your kids are playing on it, be sure to keep an eye on their safety.

Space Considerations

Each rollaway bed takes up space. If you have many people, consider booking a larger room or an apartment. You can also ask how many hotel rollaway beds can fit in the room you booked, as the size is the same in every hotel.

Rollaway Bed Alternatives

Rollaway beds are not the sole option. Depending on a hotel’s positioning, guest needs, and limited space, there are alternative choices like cots, air mattresses, and pull-out beds in furniture. 

Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Every hotel devises its own solution to address the need for extra sleeping spaces, with some chain hotels even creating bespoke products.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are sofas during the day and turn into beds at night. Good choice for small spaces, but they’re big and heavy, not easy to move. It’s a versatile product, keeping it simple and practical for various needs.


Lightweight, easy to store, and affordable. Not suitable for people with back problems.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are suitable for hotels, homes, and camping. They fold up without taking up much space. They may not be as comfortable as traditional mattresses and need to be inflated before use. 

However, they are compact when not in use. Not recommended for those with back issues or discomfort.

Sofa Beds Cots Air Mattresses
Cost More Expensive Cheap Cheaper
Confort Better Good Good
Storage Space No Good Good

Maintenance and Care of Rollaway Beds

Keeping it clean helps the rollaway bed stay fresh and last longer. It meets guests’ hygiene expectations and leaves a positive impression. Just imagine if you gave a guest a dirty folding bed—what would their reaction be?

Ensure Regular Cleaning

When not in use, the hotel rollaway bed is typically stored under the bed or beside the cabinet. You can cover it with a large bag to prevent dust from settling on top. Alternatively, it can be stored inside the cabinet.

Use Sheets and Covers

The surface of the mattress fabric is easily dirtied and not easy to replace or clean. You can use a sheet or cover to cover it, avoiding direct contact.

Check Frequently for Wear and Tear

The metal tube frame needs regular checks for rust, breakage, or oxidation, as it can affect your safety while sleeping.

Safety Tips When Using a Rollaway Bed

When using a hotel folding bed, always prioritize safety. Here are six important aspects for your reference, hoping it can be helpful to you.

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect the metal frame and mattress for any damages.

Secure Positioning

Due to its four swivel wheels, always remember to lock the wheels when in use to prevent sliding.

Proper Use

When opening or folding the bed, be sure to follow the instructions in the manual. The procedure may vary for different hotel rollaway beds.

Avoid Overloading

Check the weight limit specified in the manual for each hotel folding bed. If the metal tubes are too thin and you have two people sleeping on it, it may not support the weight properly and could collapse.

Clean Bedding

Use clean sheets or covers to protect the mattress and promote hygiene.

Store Safely

When storing, avoid damp areas to prevent corrosion of the metal tubes and extend the lifespan. It’s best to keep it in a cabinet to ensure the safety of the hotel folding bed.

Rollaway Bed’s Future Development Trends

Rollaway beds can meet the needs of many modern individuals, and their future applications are expected to become even more widespread. The future development trends will mainly focus on the following two aspects.

A. Innovative Design and Technological Applications

Create a variety of styles to offer consumers more choices.

Incorporate cutting-edge technology to make mattresses smart and enhance consumer comfort during sleep.

Use more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to make products lighter, smaller in size, and convenient for consumers to move and store.

B. Changes in Consumer Demands

Design with a focus on consumer health and ergonomics to ensure a healthy sleep for you.


Do All Hotels Offer Rollaway Beds?

Not all hotels have rollaway beds available. If you want one, make sure to confirm before booking. Hotels may have limited supply, so it’s important to inform the front desk in advance.


The hotel rollaway bed is an excellent solution for temporary and brief rests. It’s lightweight, space-efficient, and cost-effective. Its usage in the hotel industry is expected to become more widespread.

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