What is Luggage Rack -The Complete Guide In 2024

The hotel luggage rack is an ideal solution to streamline your luggage packing routine. It’s a perfect addition to your hotel room, offering lightweight, space-saving convenience while keeping guests’ luggage clean. This enhances the overall guest experience.

What is Luggage Rack

A folding luggage rack is widely used in various places like hotels, homes, offices, department stores, and elsewhere. It’s an ideal solution for storing luggage or bags. Luggage racks on the market are typically made of wood, bamboo, or metal and come in various styles for you to choose from.

Why do Many Hotels Choose Custom Luggage Racks?

To attract guests’ attention and provide them with unique experiences, every hotel carefully considers its design and decoration. From the furniture to the decorations, every detail is chosen to ensure comfort and quality during the guests’ stay. 

To incorporate the style of hotel luggage racks into the overall room decor, hotels usually opt for customized luggage racks.

Because each hotel room varies in size and furniture arrangement, custom hotel luggage racks that fit specific spaces are needed. 

Hotels want all furniture to match in color and style to maintain a cohesive look. Therefore, they’re looking for a factory that can provide a one-stop service, handling everything from design to production, to meet their needs.

What are the Technical Characteristics of the Luggage Rack?

The luggage rack’s metal stand should have protective caps on the bottom to prevent scratching the floor. Use high-quality rivets for strong connections. Choose straps in varying quantities and materials based on weight capacity.

 When customizing a hotel luggage rack, consider whether a backrest is needed. Some hotel luggage racks also come with a bottom tray for storing shoes.


wooden luggage stand

Why Is the Luggage Rack Required?

Hotels, homes, apartments, and offices all need a luggage rack to keep luggage clean and tidy. 

This is especially important for elderly people, especially those with back problems. This way, they don’t have to bend over when retrieving their luggage. Apart from that, luggage racks have many other benefits.

Convenience and Organization

Placing luggage on the luggage rack keeps it at a certain height, making it easier for you to access things. You can use the rack for luggage, bags, clothes, shoes, or other items.

Space Optimization

The hotel luggage stand is foldable and very flat, saving a lot of space.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

When you have a luggage rack in your room, your luggage avoids contact with the floor, keeping both your luggage and the floor clean. 

Some guests may prefer to put their luggage on the bed, which can soil the sheets with dirt and germs. Having a luggage rack reminds guests to use it instead of the bed.

Guest Safety

Every hotel luggage rack produced in good faith considers guest safety, incorporating features like rounded corners and other details.

How to Choose a Hotel Luggage Rack?

For a professional, choosing a hotel luggage rack that matches the hotel’s style is straightforward. However, for hotel procurement staff who buy many items daily, they may not be familiar with every purchase. 

In such cases, they need to conduct online research to gather information. You can become fully acquainted with how to purchase a suitable hotel luggage rack by considering the following aspects.


When hotels purchase anything, they have a budget to consider. You should select the appropriate hotel luggage rack based on your budget. While you may have looked into the market, each supplier claims their product is the best, and you might not be too familiar with this area. 

You can collaborate with our design experts; we’ve been customizing hotel suitcase stand supplies for 20 years. We’ll provide you with reasonable advice according to your budget.

Is It Foldable?

Because hotel rooms vary in size, they typically opt for folding luggage stands. When not in use, they can be stored in cabinets, prolonging their lifespan.

Size and Weight Capacity

When making a purchase, due to the limitations of room space, you’ll definitely consider size 100%. That’s correct, but don’t forget about its weight capacity. 

Generally, the larger the size, the greater the weight capacity, but we can also enhance the weight capacity by changing materials. For more details, please consult with our business experts.


When purchasing anything, aesthetics are a crucial factor to consider. Within your budget, aim for styles that look stylish, durable, and fully complement your hotel room decor.

Does It Come With A Wall Guard?

Usually, hotel luggage racks with wall guards may cost a bit more, but they protect the walls from scratches. Additionally, they have stronger weight capacity and are more stable.

The Stand

Typically, luggage racks are made of either metal or wood. Each material has its own advantages, as detailed below.


Metal luggage stands are usually priced lower than wooden ones. They are typically made of sturdy steel and come in powder-coated black, silver, or gold. Custom powder-coating colors are also available.

 For added durability, you can opt for higher-quality metal or stainless steel materials.


Wooden luggage racks are heavier than metal folding ones. They’re made of hardwood, which makes them more durable and capable of carrying heavier loads. 

Common wood materials used for luggage racks include rubberwood, ash wood, walnut wood, and mahogany. These are all top-quality materials in the wood industry.


The quality and quantity of straps can enhance the hotel suitcase carrier’s weight capacity and also influence the overall style of the hotel luggage rack. You can choose according to your preferences. Typically, there are leather, polypropylene, and Velcro straps available.

How to Use Luggage Rack in Hotel

Don’t worry about extra costs; installing the hotel luggage stand is a breeze. It’s super lightweight and requires no tools—all you have to do is unfold it. 

Anyone, whether it’s seniors, kids, or ladies, can easily handle it. When not in use, simply fold it up by hand and stash it under the bed or in a closet.


The hotel luggage rack is a great hotel amenity to enhance guest satisfaction. You need to choose the right one based on your room’s decor, size, and the rack’s weight capacity.

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