When choosing a tissue box, we consider its practical function, style, and how it fits different places such as rooms, offices, bathrooms, and kitchens to create a beautiful and harmonious environment.
A wooden tissue box is a wonderful choice. It is made of natural wood materials, which are not only environmentally friendly and healthy but also have various natural textures and textures, making each tissue box unique and beautiful.
If you want to have the natural beauty of the wooden tissue box, you can use a clear coat spray, which protects the wood and displays its natural texture and color. In addition, wooden tissue boxes cover can also be painted with different colors and styles, such as black, white, walnut grain, dark colors, red, blue, etc., to meet the personalized needs of different people.

A wood tissue box is a choice that showcases natural beauty. Its advantages are reflected in its environmentally friendly and sturdy construction and its texture and feel close to raw wood. At the same time, it also has functions such as waterproofing and moisture resistance, which can protect tissues and allow us to enjoy a clean and hygienic living environment at any time. However, like many natural materials, wooden tissue boxes have some drawbacks. In dry weather conditions, wooden tissue box holder may crack. But with proper maintenance and care, regular moisturizing, and cleaning, this problem can be effectively resolved.


Our wooden tissue box designs are varied, with as many as thousands of options, inseparable from our professional design team of 3-4 members. They specialize in developing hotel bathroom products, and wooden tissue boxes are naturally one of them. We provide various customization services, including color, size, design, or personalized logos; we can produce them according to customer requirements. As a factory specializing in making wooden tissue boxes, we know the various problems that purchasing personnel may encounter during the procurement process, such as quality, size, color, samples not matching with the bulk goods, etc. However, the attitude of the factory during communication often leaves people dissatisfied. Therefore, finding a responsible factory and obtain good after-sales service. We will write the after-sales service commitment into the invoice or contract. If there are any problems with the goods, we will immediately replace them for free. Next, we will mainly introduce several wooden tissue box designs that we commonly use, and we welcome your inquiries.

rectangle wood tissue box

This unfinished wooden tissue box is made of solid wood and finished with spray paint and clear lacquer, allowing us to appreciate its natural wood grain. Its lid is movable, after removing it, we can easily insert tissue and put it back in place. The oval-shaped tissue outlet makes it easy for us to take out tissues. To ensure its sturdiness, we strongly recommend using a thickness of at least 5mm; otherwise, it is prone to breakage. The thickness of the wooden tissue box is also a very important factor, as being too thin can cause breakage and being too thick can increase costs. Different designs require different thicknesses to optimize costs.

This square wood tissue holder was custom-made for a hotel in Japan. It is made of solid oak wood and sprayed with a clear lacquer to maintain its natural texture. The top features a circular opening for convenient access to tissues. The bottom is designed to be pulled out, but we recommend nailing the pulling side to prevent breakage during use. For the thickness of the tissue box, we recommend at least 9mm to ensure stability and durability during use. These details are crucial for ensuring aesthetics, sturdiness, and usability. As a factory specializing in custom wooden products, we always pay attention to every detail to provide the best products and services.

dark wood tissue box

This rectangular wood tissue box is made of high-quality beech wood and has excellent painting treatment, presenting a beautiful walnut wood color appearance. Although the customer originally wanted to use walnut wood, considering the cost factor, we chose a more cost-effective material for the customer while ensuring quality. Beech wood is strong, durable, and has a beautiful texture, and can even rival walnut wood. The bottom of this rectangular wood tissue box can be easily disassembled for convenient placement of tissues. Each of the four corners has magnets, making the bottom more secure and less prone to looseness. We printed a white logo to make the product look more upscale and exquisite. Whether for household or hotel use, this tissue box can meet your needs, and the size is also very suitable.

walnut wood tissue box

This square tissue box is designed with a standard size and a simple and beautiful square appearance. The top is designed with a square opening, Easily removing tissues from the top. The bottom cover and the top box can be separated, making it more convenient to place tissues. A groove on the bottom allows you to easily place and secure the cover to the bottom. In addition, the four corners of the base are also carefully designed to provide better waterproofing, bringing you a more convenient and reassuring experience when using it.

white wood tissue box

This pure white solid wood tissue box is crafted from high-quality rubberwood and features a finely painted surface, presenting a fresh and elegant white color. The square opening at the top makes it easy to retrieve tissues, while the bottom can be easily opened to insert tissues. The rounded corner design effectively protects the user’s safety. The exquisite polishing technology makes the solid wood interior smooth and flawless and the white paint exterior more bright and charming. This tissue box is practical and beautiful and pays attention to every detail, creating a safe and comfortable user experience.

wood tissue holder

This rectangular wood tissue box features two separate compartments for the top and bottom, perfectly connected by two delicate hinges. This ingeniously simple design allows you to easily place tissues by opening it. The top is an elegant oval-shaped opening, allowing you to effortlessly grab a tissue anytime, anywhere, at home or in the office.